Trellis Club- Mixed


Membership Information:

⸙ Thank you for signing up for our Trellis Club!  You have selected the mixed club. While we do not allow members to make changes to individual releases, members do retain the right to make one program change per year. For example, a member enrolled in the Red program may change their membership to the Mixed program.

⸙  Club releases occur quarterly, during the months of February, May, August, and November. Club releases consist of three bottles, but members may make additions.

⸙  Members may contact us to add to their release. If additions total a minimum  of twelve bottles, shipping fees will be waived.

⸙  Upon signup, members will receive the current release. Members may cancel membership any time after receipt of the first club release. To cancel a membership, please email us at Please notify us of cancellations two weeks prior to the club release.

⸙  Members will receive an email 30 days prior to a club release. This email will notify them of the release, detail the contents of each program’s club release, and invite them to any festivities surrounding the club pickup. Members will be charged a week before the date of the club release and receive an email receipt.

⸙  If your card is declined or needs to be updated, the Iris staff will reach out via email and phone to alert you and procure updated credit card information. If our efforts to contact you are unsuccessful, your account will be terminated after 90 days.

⸙  Your wine club releases will be held at our tasting room location for one year, after which we reserve the right to move it back into inventory. Members who wait more than a year to pickup will be offered a new selection of wines.


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